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October 14 2014


Cork Pucung, culinary Rare which began to be forgotten

You are interested in the rawon cuisine from East Java or Yogyakarta from brongkos? Perhaps you'll also love the Cork Pucung, Betawi specialties that are increasingly rare. The third type of the cuisine has one equation, i.e. using the same http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/  seed kluwak in bumbunya region.

Seed kluwak or this will produce pucung piquant black thick which characterizes the cuisine's third. Offered from the culinary News, Monday (13/10/2014), Cork Pucung is somewhat different because it uses the main ingredient fish Cork (commonly referred to as Java iwak curse), rather than the beef as in the rawon or brongkos.

Cooking is diligence it takes Pucung Cork. Some stages must be traversed, from cleaning and chopping the fish Cork, half-cooked, preparing Chinese seas resep risoles  onings, to cooking. Everything has to be done carefully to produce the best cuisine flavors. The fish is usually fried Cork earlier in order not easily crumble when cooked in the gravy pucung. http://polikokim.soup.io

Spices used include onion, garlic, nutmeg, Cayenne, ginger, turmeric, and bay leaf. The seasoning then stir fried in a frying until aromatic. Do not forget, that had been destroyed kluwak added and extracted the contents. Saute seasoning then put in a pot of water to boil and boiled into stew pucung.

The final step is to enter the Cork has been fried the fish into the sauce and cook until seasoning pucung percolating. Gourmet savoury Pucung Cork with a distinctive scent. The broth is black exotic impression. This dish is best eaten when still warm with assorted vegetables such as cucumber, pete, or string beans. When you love spicy, Cork Pucung also suitable when consumed with shrimp paste chilli sauce or sambal goreng.

The shifting tastes of the community and the rapid growth of modern culinary industry in the capital also weakens the existence of traditional food, including the Cork Pucung. For reasons of practicality, now people would prefer dine in warteg or fast-food restaurant. The youth was more familiar with foreign food, either due to luxuries or reason it tastes.
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And the title of the Festival and Culinary Herbs

As many as 52 stalls from 35 districts/cities of Central Java se-follow Festival Culinary herbs and 2014 and 2014 tourist village Festival held at Gelora Satria, Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency.

Activities which resep rawon took place on 10-12 October 2014 was opened by the Governor of Central Java Ipdegirl Pranowo, Friday night in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regent attended as well as Achmad Husein and a number of officials from the Ministry of tourism and the Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). Ipdegirl says that herbal medicine is one of the riches that belong to Central Java.

"If we talk herbal medicine, who can beat Java? In Sukoharjo is a special herbal medicine  resep puding coklat  market which I think is the first in Indonesia, "he said.

In fact, he said, in Cilacap is the Western region also has many industrial And medicinal herbs. Therefore, continued he, herbal medicine http://polikokim.soup.io  already worth serve as the heritage and identity of Central Java.

Further, he said that the current medicinal products no longer sold by conventional Sling, but also have been packaged in a variety of forms such as ice cream and candy deny wind.

"I think This is an incredible innovation," he said.

He expects the Department of culture and tourism of Central Java to memromosikan herbal medicine in a variety of activities including an devotion for guests. Tourist related issues, the Governor said that one to note is a toilet cleaner.

"Our village has always been okay in the ' performance ' of his, but yet are usually okay. It should be noted this toilet, "he said.

In that occasion, he welcomed the holding of the Festival of culinary herbs and 2014 and 2014 tourist village Festival in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency. Therefore, he said, it will encourage Purwokerto as one tourist destination of the Convention.

According to him, this in Central Java during the only two cities which became a tourist destination and Convention Exhibition, i.e. Semarang and Solo.

"One of the representatives of this Purwokerto Yes. I would push so that they could be there (Purwokerto), "he said.

He expects the construction of double track railway can be completed soon so that connections to Purwokerto is going faster. In addition, he said that if the development of the air base into a commercial airport Wirasaba Purbalingga was carried out and the airport has been opened then transport to Purwokerto going faster again.

He claimed to have communicated with one of the directors of Garuda Indonesia, which incidentally the original Purbalingga. In the talks, he said, Lions ready to fly aircraft of ATR to Airport if Wirasaba Purbalingga was realized.

In addition, he continued, the Director of Citilink has also spoken to regarding the possibility of aircraft servicing flights to Purbalingga. According to him, tourism in Purwokerto and surroundings will be thriving if supported with a fast means of transportation.
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Want To Try The New Menu? There are healthy Herbal Foods

Any form of food and drink for human consumption will be absorbed by the body. That's because, if there are deposits of toxic substances in food, body condition was affected. If so,  why not try a new menu, herbal food healthy?

Causal reasoning between the food and beverages consumed and the underlying body of Health Manager food stalls, shops and cafes use herbal or natural ingredients that are healthy for the body in the preparations for their cuisine. No resep pizza wonder that the tavern or Café this much sought after because it offers a healthy menu.

Diner Hefchick (Herb Fried Chicken) Ward, for example. In the tavern located at JL. Papagan No. 59, Kleco, Mahamhaji, Debt, or about 200 yards South of the bangjo Market, this provides a variety of Kleco hearty herbal chicken menu. Crispy chicken menu processing, grilled chicken, steak, chicken and more, absolutely do not use a mixture of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or resep perkedel kentang micin. All menus are presented using natural spices.

The new store  http://polikokim.soup.io opened on September 10, and previously only serve the menu for a particular community in the city of Solo. But as a great opportunity to see created a restaurant or diner, the menu is opened to the public.

"We've got a chicken farm herbs alone. So from upstream to downstream quality herbalnya awake. We also had a chicken feed plant on its own, "said Manager Hefchick Ward, Handoko, currently found in the tavern, Solopos.com some time ago. According to John Greenwood, often wearing broiler chicken concentrates, vaccines and antibiotics to fatten chickens. Chickens were also injected hormones to plump out quickly in a certain time.

While the broiler chickens which are used at the Hefchick not wearing concentrates and without injecting hormones. His use of probiotics as feed chickens. According to John Greenwood, probiotics contain good bacteria that is not only suitable for chicken, but also to the human body.

In addition to nourish, food prices in Hefchick are also quite friendly in bags. Hefchick wings and thighs krispi valued at Rp 6,000 per piece, upper thigh and chest Hefchick Rp 8,000 per piece. While the barbeque chicken steak on sale Rp 16,000 per serving. There is also a soup chicken and corn soup that cost no more than Rp 10,000 per serving.

Health Coverage
The taste, texture and keempukan chicken Hefchick does not differ greatly from the menu of chicken in General. But the most distinguished from other chicken menu are cereal content of chicken meat and health coverage. "Menu of free-range chicken also herbs of all," says John Greenwood.

Meanwhile, one of the residents of kampung Cinderejo Kidul RT 002 008/RW, Kelurahan, Kecamatan Grinder Banjarsari, Surakarta, Thebecker.com Suwono H.S., creating new types of crackers karak named Karak herbs.

Suwono familiar called Mbah Wono, is successfully made karak without borax, boraks, and MSG.

Mbah Wono claimed to have conducted a study to make the herbal karak for four months. Once you've found the right formula for the manufacture of karak, he empowers residents, particularly mothers, to produce herbal that. karak

In the manufacture of karak, Mbah Wono using good quality rice. She does not wear as well as raskin rice leftover. Therefore he insures the quality is good and worth to be consumed by anyone. "From the time I was small till now, whose name must use borax mixtures of karak. But it's not good for the health of the body, "said Mbah Wono.

Currently, he said, there have been five groups who produce herbal karak. One group already managed to produce three kilograms of karak in a day. The plan will also be herbal karak set as one of the flagship product in the city of Solo.

This round-shaped herbal Karak, karak was not as generally in the shape of a rectangle. In addition, the colour is also brighter. Even after being fried, the color of karak is also still bright. This herb is precisely formed Karak while still in a State of heat. Unlike karak who use borax new thin sliced-thin after the dough has been chilled. "Karak herbs if processed cold when it broke," said Mbah Wono.

One package weighing 0.25 kg herbal karak was sold at Rp 6,000 and karak herbal packaging 1 kg valued at Rp 24,000.
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Culinary Tourist Attraction So Indonesia

Keanekeragaman Culinary Indonesia became one of the attraction for tourists, especially abroad. With a wealth of spices, Indonesia will have the many kinds of food which becomes   the hallmark of any area that is in the corner region of Indonesia.

Deputy Chairman of PHRI Center  resep lasagna panggang Yulianto, Indonesia, culinary also reveals one of the attraction of overseas tourists who come to Indonesia.

"This Food, so the attraction of resep kue lapis  our country. In Java alone, there have been umpteen number of culinary. Not yet lkagi in Sumatere, and other areas, "said Yulianto at Radio Voice of Surabaya.

On average, tourists admitted Indonesia cuisine tastes unique, distinctive, and tasty. While ASEAN'S own territory, many are happy with the Padang, and sate Madura

"A lot of tourists coming to Indonesia, indirectly introduce Indonesia cuisine to foreign countries, there are also those who specifically come to Indonesia and brought home a kenegaranya," he said.

Many tourists from European countries http://polikokim.soup.io  like Indonesia specialities.

"European countries are interested with Indonesia, especially food Netherlands, because they have a history of entanglement with Indonesia. In addition, New Zealand also liked the typical cuisine of Indonesia, "pungkasnya
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Mencicip Halal Food in Macau

Travelling to visit exotic places and historic is my goal. Admire the creation of God through the work of human and cultural diversity that is visible in the sight will add Thanksgiving we will grace the life dikaruniakanNya.

One of the attractions it  resep soto ayam currently is Macau, which is located about 65 miles west of Hong Kong, and has 3 small islands that the Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. The place has a mix of European and Eastern culture has many historic relics and exotic places that are very interesting to visit.

Read tour experience resep semur daging  several fellow bloggers to Macau, creating an I drool, wanted to also have the chance to visit the place. In addition to entertaining yourself from daily activities fatigue, as a Blogger, of course my trip later track record will further complement the existing entry. More Sehinggga makes it easy for other friends that will pay a visit to Macau.

Information on interesting  http://polikokim.soup.io sights in Macau, can be easily found on the internet. Most contain the Ruins of St. Paul's (the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral), the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge (the Governor Nobre de Carvalho bridge), A-Ma Temple (Temple of A-Ma), Guia Fortress (fortress of Caves), and the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Cebtre (Macau Tower). Information about places are loaded in full, makes me want to visit it soon.
Some of these places have been designated by UNESCO as a site of historic peningggalan should be protected. So, if you plan to take the kids, of course, need to teach them how ethical in the protected area.
Halal Food in Macau
If most sites tell of attractions in Macau, this time I complement them by providing information on halal food in Macau. As a muslim, while pelesir certainly do not want to leave the eat well and keep kosher isn't it?

The first step I did was find out the existence of Muslims in Macau. According to one source, mentioned the number of muslim local population there are around 400 people, not including immigrants. The existence of the presence of Muslims is seen as the only mosque standing in 1980 in Macau.

Unfortunately the site is expected to provide a guide to the world's Moslem in Macau this to Muslims, not professionally managed. The page was only told of the purpose of the establishment of the site to provide information on the location of the mosque, the prayer and halal food. When I try to trace them, the information is not embedded in the web.

The need for information on halal food in Macau also felt some of the neighbouring countries of muslim travelers Malaysia as well as Singapore. They get the same thing, i.e., have not obtained a definitive answer regarding the location of halal food until the time of departure to arrival.

According to Claudia Kaunang (2010), few places that serves halal food in Macau, among others:

1. the Malaysian Restaurant, 56 Rua de Malaca (Travessa de Amizade), Centro Internacional de Macau, Macau Peninsula. Tel. + 853-625-764-57. Email: halalfoodmacao@gmail.com
The location of this restaurant was in the building next to the Dragon Hotel. He is serving an excess delivery service. The restaurant has a lot of customers who are workers from Indonesia. Unfortunately, because it has not been widely known only a handful of tourists from Indonesia who've been to this restaurant.

2. Aruna Indian Curry Restaurant. Avenida de Amie. Tel: + 853-28701805. The restaurant with typical design India. Serves halal food at a price of 2 times more in fact than the Malaysian Restaurant

3 Monkeys Restaurant. The Venetian Resort, The Venetian Shopping Mall, St. Mark's Square, Talpa. A one-satuna restaurant provides international food that is halal. Its owner is the chef with employees Singapore-Singapore and Macau chef.

4. Rasa Malaysia. The Venetian Food Court Shooping Mall Taipa. Description of the halalnya food in the restaurant, obtained verbally from workers at the venue. Explained that the kiosk provides halal food without the pork mixture or oil.

5. Mc Donald 's. Senado Square, Macau Pensinsula. No halal certificate in the restaurant. The menu should you consume fish or chicken-based. Note the content of the burger that you order, do not contain a layer of bacon (bacon).

6. Instant Food in 24-hour minimart "7 Eleven". Fast food place has delicious taste incredible. The most prominent is the Curry Beef/Chicken is typical of Macau. To ensure the halal food that you purchase here, make sure you read the composition of materials constituting.

7. Taste of India. Its location adjacent to the Outer Harbour Fer
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October 12 2014


Delicious Recipes Grilled Ribs Marinade Japan

Well here are different recipes for grilled Spareribs processing. Biaa mecobanya Rada to your family meals during the day. Yuk try recipes grilled ribs marinade Japan, following in his footsteps:

Dream-grilled ribs Culinary  resep cilok is now much sought after community. This Menu much be specialty at several great restaurants.

It tastes delicious add appetite. Grilled ribs served with different flavored variants, such as grilled ribs grilled ribs and honey sauce.

Well here are different recipes for resep kue lumpur grilled Spareribs processing. You can mecobanya Rada for family meals during the day. Yuk try recipes grilled ribs marinade Japan, following in his footsteps:

750 grams of beef ribs, cut into pieces
1/2 Fruit Chutney, finely chopped
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 cm ginger, finely chopped
2 tablespoons Japanese soy sauce
2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
2 teaspoons mirin
2 tablespoons sauce yakiniku
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
1000 ml water
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons margarine for sautéing

How to make:
1. saute the onion, garlic, and Ginger until fragrant. Add the ribs. Stir until it changes color.
2. Enter the Japanese soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, mirin, yakiniku sauce, chili powder, and pepper. Mix well.
3. pour the water gradually. Cook until done and pervasive. Add the lemon juice. Mix well.
4. Fuel while the rest of the http://polikokim.soup.io/  seasonings are applied until fragrant and browned.

Durian Medan Food Hunt

In addition to a great natural scenery, terrain well known culinary treasures will also typical. The following processed food made from durian:

Dream-Field is a much resep siomay bandung visited tourist purposes in society. A town on Sumatra island is accessible by all types  of transport. Good land, sea, or air. You also can easily find the hotel. There is a wide range of cheap hotels to 5-star hotel.

In addition to a resep tempe bacem great natural scenery, terrain well known culinary treasures will also typical. One Durian that Super-tasty. Durian is already famous in the corners of the archipelago. Have a fragrant and tender meat that was the target of a lover of durian.

Durian in Medan, many available in some areas, like Karo, the land of Sibolga, langkat and Sidikilang. Of course you don't have to worry about running out of durian when it comes to sights of this Lake Toba.

Generally in Medan, durian is not only eaten directly but can also be enjoyed in a variety of culinary. The following processed food made from durian:

Bolu Durian

Bolu this pas once Durian http://polikokim.soup.io  Rolls for you to enjoy in the evening accompanied by a cup of tea with his family. So soft sponge cake with durian meat content, this cake is much sought-after tourists visiting Medan. One of the stores that serve this cake is Durian House, located at Jalan Iskandar Muda Medan.

Durian Pancakes

This is a durian in processed become the Favorites of many, that durian pancakes. Despite its name, the pancake menu this one is shaped like a pancake ceper in General. Durian Pancake looks more like a pancake rolls. The Pancake is made up of a layer of skin is made of wheat flour and stuffed with meat already mashed durian. In addition to the original flavor, there are some manufacturers make pancakes with a variety of variants such as pandan, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Durian pancakes also become souvenirs terrain. Although the current durian pancakes encountered in another city, but enjoy the durian pancakes in his hometown of course would be to have a separate sensation.

Durian Ice Cream

Delicious durian you can enjoy the fresh ice cream. The typical taste can make you addicted loh!

Saur Durian Porridge

This meal has become the hallmark of the terrain. Yes mush sauce plain, is presented to eat durian morning or breakfast. Pureed sticky rice porridge is good but sauce plus a durian as a complement.

Durian Es Campur

Es campur Durian most pas enjoyed during the day when the heat seared the city of Medan. This drink makes you feel fresh and be the right choice.

Durian Fruit Compote

Durian is the same as Compote Compote in General, just that the content of the durian meat in the form of Compote. You can enjoy this Compote anytime, no need to wait for month of fasting arrived. But a typical day seller kolak durian quite a lot.

Fresh Fruit Ice Lollipop Recipe

Well, this one can be healthy recipe of loh! diicoba! The consumption of fruit in a way the handled ice made into unique. Yuk make Ice Fruit Lollipops:

Dream-ice is the resep macaroni schotel panggang most   popular beverage of the society. Nobody knows the age of the ice, so when the weather is hot game whack. But sometimes the mothers often worry if the children often consume ice. The chill of the ice was not so good for health.

Well, this one can be  resep pancake durian healthy recipe of loh! diicoba! The consumption of fruit in a way the handled ice made into unique. Yuk make Ice Fruit Lollipops:

1/2 seedless watermelon fruit
1/2 fruit melons
1 kiwi fruit, cut small
1 piece of peach/mango, cut into small
10 purple grapes (seedless, http://polikokim.soup.io  dividing into two)
12-15 wooden ice cream sticks
Ice lollipop mold

How to make:
1. puree the watermelon by using blender
2. assemble the fruit already cut in small pieces into the ice mold
3. pour juice semanga already mashed
4. save in the freezer for 2 hours or less until half frozen, and then plug the stick ice cream in the middle. Put it back in the freezer until completely frozen for more than 5 hours.
5. serve

Iced berries can use a variety of the fruit depending on taste. Choose fruits with different colors to make it more interesting. Make ice from the fruit is more secure because it does not use additional sugar. For those of you who like sweet can add honey to taste. Good luck!
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Fish & Co: Crispy Nacho Cuma Rp 35 thousand tablets!

Well, here's the creative cook shrimp Al-Qadr. The way the work was pretty easy. You can try to dish the family. Please try.

Dream-Shrimp,  resep kuah bakso seafood  much sought after community. The soft meat texture can be consumed young and old. Shrimp can be served in a wide variety of cuisines. Fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, and grilled shrimp. Well, here's the creative cook shrimp Al-Qadr. The way the work was pretty easy. You can try to dish the family.

750 gr medium shrimp, resep salad buah peeled tail limited
2 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp instant bouillon seasonings
1 egg chicken
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 piece of onion, finely chopped
3 large red chilli, sliced his
2 stalks Lemongrass, white part, thinly sliced
2 sheets of lime leaves, finely sliced
Cooking oil to  http://polikokim.soup.io taste

Shrimp: seasonings
1 tbsp fish sauce
100 cc of water
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp granulated sugar
½ tbsp chili powder
salt to taste

How to make:
1. mix cornstarch, egg powder, instant broth and mix well. Stir in the prawns and mix well.
2. Preheat cooking oil to taste. Fried shrimp over medium heat until cooked through. Remove and drain.
3. heat 3 tablespoons
 cooking oil. Saute garlic and onion until fragrant. Add the red chilli, Lemongrass, lime leaves and mix well.
4. stir in the spices and cook until boiling. Last put shrimp and cook briefly. Remove and serve
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Terrible Rainy City ' Marrow ', Quite Readily Straws!

Home House eating marrow, located at Jalan Lawang Gintung, Bogor City is indeed fairly unique. True to its name, all dishes are served here in the marrow.

Dream-Home  resep bolu kukus House eating  marrow, located at Jalan Lawang Gintung, Bogor City is indeed fairly unique. True to its name, all dishes are served here in the marrow. This diner so don't wait the culinary connoisseur was visiting the city of rain.

Specialty beef marrow  resep brownies panggang soup here is super awesome. How does? One piece of beef bones with marrow still attached therein are presented directly in a bowl. Visitors are only provided a spoon and a straw to enjoy directly from his bones.

Not only that, the http://polikokim.soup.io  other food menu is  also no less delicious. There's a Satay fried marrow, marrow, and grilled marrow spicy rice. The price offered is quite affordable. Following a review of the marrow houses in the town of Bogor, refer Yes here

September 19 2014

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