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How to make a simple Model of curly hair Hanging

Curly hair Model of a hanging-various models of curly hair hanging in 2014 is verypopular. Curly hair Model hanging became the favorite choice of long-hairedwomenfolk. This Model is also impressive maturity and more seem to be exclusive.Curly hair model now hanging start loved by young people who want to appeardifferent.

For inspiring women, hairstyles for kriting hanging in a vision similar to the style that is applied on the model layer wave hair or mermaid wave wave form, both of which start from the bottom up telingan on the ends of the hair.

Curly hair Model cable can you use in a formal event like weddings, birthday parties orother events. Here tonnymarezco.com will discuss how to form a model of curly hairhanging temporery aka not permanent by using a curling iron and hair spray. Wellhow do I build a model following hanging curls his review for you:

How to make a simple Model of curly hair Hanging

To get an order of curly hair hanging model, we recommend using a hair straightener(catok). With this tool, the process is much shorter and easier to perms.
Here's how the raw material:

First wash hair with sampoo uses to clean, make sure it is completely dry and tersisir.
Heat the curling iron.
Hair is broken up into two separate parts. Separate the two parts of the hair from the bottom of the scalp (in hair) and the outside of the hair.
To keep your hair stay healthy. Spray the hair with a protective fluid products usingheat.
Use a curling iron and curl the hair one by one up to half the length, thus making curlycable.
Hold for a few minutes and then remove the roll of hair slowly by releasing thecatokan towards the bottom of the hair shaft.
To get loose curls, comb your hair with your fingers.
And the last one. That order remained durable spray hairspray evenly so that the volume of the curly cable stay awake.
To obtain maximum results, we recommend you visit the salon is truly an expert andreally take care of your hair. Hopefully may inspire You in shaping the model hangingthe perfect curly hair.
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