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Durian Medan Food Hunt

In addition to a great natural scenery, terrain well known culinary treasures will also typical. The following processed food made from durian:

Dream-Field is a much resep siomay bandung visited tourist purposes in society. A town on Sumatra island is accessible by all types  of transport. Good land, sea, or air. You also can easily find the hotel. There is a wide range of cheap hotels to 5-star hotel.

In addition to a resep tempe bacem great natural scenery, terrain well known culinary treasures will also typical. One Durian that Super-tasty. Durian is already famous in the corners of the archipelago. Have a fragrant and tender meat that was the target of a lover of durian.

Durian in Medan, many available in some areas, like Karo, the land of Sibolga, langkat and Sidikilang. Of course you don't have to worry about running out of durian when it comes to sights of this Lake Toba.

Generally in Medan, durian is not only eaten directly but can also be enjoyed in a variety of culinary. The following processed food made from durian:

Bolu Durian

Bolu this pas once Durian http://polikokim.soup.io  Rolls for you to enjoy in the evening accompanied by a cup of tea with his family. So soft sponge cake with durian meat content, this cake is much sought-after tourists visiting Medan. One of the stores that serve this cake is Durian House, located at Jalan Iskandar Muda Medan.

Durian Pancakes

This is a durian in processed become the Favorites of many, that durian pancakes. Despite its name, the pancake menu this one is shaped like a pancake ceper in General. Durian Pancake looks more like a pancake rolls. The Pancake is made up of a layer of skin is made of wheat flour and stuffed with meat already mashed durian. In addition to the original flavor, there are some manufacturers make pancakes with a variety of variants such as pandan, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Durian pancakes also become souvenirs terrain. Although the current durian pancakes encountered in another city, but enjoy the durian pancakes in his hometown of course would be to have a separate sensation.

Durian Ice Cream

Delicious durian you can enjoy the fresh ice cream. The typical taste can make you addicted loh!

Saur Durian Porridge

This meal has become the hallmark of the terrain. Yes mush sauce plain, is presented to eat durian morning or breakfast. Pureed sticky rice porridge is good but sauce plus a durian as a complement.

Durian Es Campur

Es campur Durian most pas enjoyed during the day when the heat seared the city of Medan. This drink makes you feel fresh and be the right choice.

Durian Fruit Compote

Durian is the same as Compote Compote in General, just that the content of the durian meat in the form of Compote. You can enjoy this Compote anytime, no need to wait for month of fasting arrived. But a typical day seller kolak durian quite a lot.

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