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Mencicip Halal Food in Macau

Travelling to visit exotic places and historic is my goal. Admire the creation of God through the work of human and cultural diversity that is visible in the sight will add Thanksgiving we will grace the life dikaruniakanNya.

One of the attractions it  resep soto ayam currently is Macau, which is located about 65 miles west of Hong Kong, and has 3 small islands that the Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. The place has a mix of European and Eastern culture has many historic relics and exotic places that are very interesting to visit.

Read tour experience resep semur daging  several fellow bloggers to Macau, creating an I drool, wanted to also have the chance to visit the place. In addition to entertaining yourself from daily activities fatigue, as a Blogger, of course my trip later track record will further complement the existing entry. More Sehinggga makes it easy for other friends that will pay a visit to Macau.

Information on interesting  http://polikokim.soup.io sights in Macau, can be easily found on the internet. Most contain the Ruins of St. Paul's (the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral), the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge (the Governor Nobre de Carvalho bridge), A-Ma Temple (Temple of A-Ma), Guia Fortress (fortress of Caves), and the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Cebtre (Macau Tower). Information about places are loaded in full, makes me want to visit it soon.
Some of these places have been designated by UNESCO as a site of historic peningggalan should be protected. So, if you plan to take the kids, of course, need to teach them how ethical in the protected area.
Halal Food in Macau
If most sites tell of attractions in Macau, this time I complement them by providing information on halal food in Macau. As a muslim, while pelesir certainly do not want to leave the eat well and keep kosher isn't it?

The first step I did was find out the existence of Muslims in Macau. According to one source, mentioned the number of muslim local population there are around 400 people, not including immigrants. The existence of the presence of Muslims is seen as the only mosque standing in 1980 in Macau.

Unfortunately the site is expected to provide a guide to the world's Moslem in Macau this to Muslims, not professionally managed. The page was only told of the purpose of the establishment of the site to provide information on the location of the mosque, the prayer and halal food. When I try to trace them, the information is not embedded in the web.

The need for information on halal food in Macau also felt some of the neighbouring countries of muslim travelers Malaysia as well as Singapore. They get the same thing, i.e., have not obtained a definitive answer regarding the location of halal food until the time of departure to arrival.

According to Claudia Kaunang (2010), few places that serves halal food in Macau, among others:

1. the Malaysian Restaurant, 56 Rua de Malaca (Travessa de Amizade), Centro Internacional de Macau, Macau Peninsula. Tel. + 853-625-764-57. Email: halalfoodmacao@gmail.com
The location of this restaurant was in the building next to the Dragon Hotel. He is serving an excess delivery service. The restaurant has a lot of customers who are workers from Indonesia. Unfortunately, because it has not been widely known only a handful of tourists from Indonesia who've been to this restaurant.

2. Aruna Indian Curry Restaurant. Avenida de Amie. Tel: + 853-28701805. The restaurant with typical design India. Serves halal food at a price of 2 times more in fact than the Malaysian Restaurant

3 Monkeys Restaurant. The Venetian Resort, The Venetian Shopping Mall, St. Mark's Square, Talpa. A one-satuna restaurant provides international food that is halal. Its owner is the chef with employees Singapore-Singapore and Macau chef.

4. Rasa Malaysia. The Venetian Food Court Shooping Mall Taipa. Description of the halalnya food in the restaurant, obtained verbally from workers at the venue. Explained that the kiosk provides halal food without the pork mixture or oil.

5. Mc Donald 's. Senado Square, Macau Pensinsula. No halal certificate in the restaurant. The menu should you consume fish or chicken-based. Note the content of the burger that you order, do not contain a layer of bacon (bacon).

6. Instant Food in 24-hour minimart "7 Eleven". Fast food place has delicious taste incredible. The most prominent is the Curry Beef/Chicken is typical of Macau. To ensure the halal food that you purchase here, make sure you read the composition of materials constituting.

7. Taste of India. Its location adjacent to the Outer Harbour Fer
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