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Culinary Tourist Attraction So Indonesia

Keanekeragaman Culinary Indonesia became one of the attraction for tourists, especially abroad. With a wealth of spices, Indonesia will have the many kinds of food which becomes   the hallmark of any area that is in the corner region of Indonesia.

Deputy Chairman of PHRI Center  resep lasagna panggang Yulianto, Indonesia, culinary also reveals one of the attraction of overseas tourists who come to Indonesia.

"This Food, so the attraction of resep kue lapis  our country. In Java alone, there have been umpteen number of culinary. Not yet lkagi in Sumatere, and other areas, "said Yulianto at Radio Voice of Surabaya.

On average, tourists admitted Indonesia cuisine tastes unique, distinctive, and tasty. While ASEAN'S own territory, many are happy with the Padang, and sate Madura

"A lot of tourists coming to Indonesia, indirectly introduce Indonesia cuisine to foreign countries, there are also those who specifically come to Indonesia and brought home a kenegaranya," he said.

Many tourists from European countries http://polikokim.soup.io  like Indonesia specialities.

"European countries are interested with Indonesia, especially food Netherlands, because they have a history of entanglement with Indonesia. In addition, New Zealand also liked the typical cuisine of Indonesia, "pungkasnya
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