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Want To Try The New Menu? There are healthy Herbal Foods

Any form of food and drink for human consumption will be absorbed by the body. That's because, if there are deposits of toxic substances in food, body condition was affected. If so,  why not try a new menu, herbal food healthy?

Causal reasoning between the food and beverages consumed and the underlying body of Health Manager food stalls, shops and cafes use herbal or natural ingredients that are healthy for the body in the preparations for their cuisine. No resep pizza wonder that the tavern or Café this much sought after because it offers a healthy menu.

Diner Hefchick (Herb Fried Chicken) Ward, for example. In the tavern located at JL. Papagan No. 59, Kleco, Mahamhaji, Debt, or about 200 yards South of the bangjo Market, this provides a variety of Kleco hearty herbal chicken menu. Crispy chicken menu processing, grilled chicken, steak, chicken and more, absolutely do not use a mixture of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or resep perkedel kentang micin. All menus are presented using natural spices.

The new store  http://polikokim.soup.io opened on September 10, and previously only serve the menu for a particular community in the city of Solo. But as a great opportunity to see created a restaurant or diner, the menu is opened to the public.

"We've got a chicken farm herbs alone. So from upstream to downstream quality herbalnya awake. We also had a chicken feed plant on its own, "said Manager Hefchick Ward, Handoko, currently found in the tavern, Solopos.com some time ago. According to John Greenwood, often wearing broiler chicken concentrates, vaccines and antibiotics to fatten chickens. Chickens were also injected hormones to plump out quickly in a certain time.

While the broiler chickens which are used at the Hefchick not wearing concentrates and without injecting hormones. His use of probiotics as feed chickens. According to John Greenwood, probiotics contain good bacteria that is not only suitable for chicken, but also to the human body.

In addition to nourish, food prices in Hefchick are also quite friendly in bags. Hefchick wings and thighs krispi valued at Rp 6,000 per piece, upper thigh and chest Hefchick Rp 8,000 per piece. While the barbeque chicken steak on sale Rp 16,000 per serving. There is also a soup chicken and corn soup that cost no more than Rp 10,000 per serving.

Health Coverage
The taste, texture and keempukan chicken Hefchick does not differ greatly from the menu of chicken in General. But the most distinguished from other chicken menu are cereal content of chicken meat and health coverage. "Menu of free-range chicken also herbs of all," says John Greenwood.

Meanwhile, one of the residents of kampung Cinderejo Kidul RT 002 008/RW, Kelurahan, Kecamatan Grinder Banjarsari, Surakarta, Thebecker.com Suwono H.S., creating new types of crackers karak named Karak herbs.

Suwono familiar called Mbah Wono, is successfully made karak without borax, boraks, and MSG.

Mbah Wono claimed to have conducted a study to make the herbal karak for four months. Once you've found the right formula for the manufacture of karak, he empowers residents, particularly mothers, to produce herbal that. karak

In the manufacture of karak, Mbah Wono using good quality rice. She does not wear as well as raskin rice leftover. Therefore he insures the quality is good and worth to be consumed by anyone. "From the time I was small till now, whose name must use borax mixtures of karak. But it's not good for the health of the body, "said Mbah Wono.

Currently, he said, there have been five groups who produce herbal karak. One group already managed to produce three kilograms of karak in a day. The plan will also be herbal karak set as one of the flagship product in the city of Solo.

This round-shaped herbal Karak, karak was not as generally in the shape of a rectangle. In addition, the colour is also brighter. Even after being fried, the color of karak is also still bright. This herb is precisely formed Karak while still in a State of heat. Unlike karak who use borax new thin sliced-thin after the dough has been chilled. "Karak herbs if processed cold when it broke," said Mbah Wono.

One package weighing 0.25 kg herbal karak was sold at Rp 6,000 and karak herbal packaging 1 kg valued at Rp 24,000.
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