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Cork Pucung, culinary Rare which began to be forgotten

You are interested in the rawon cuisine from East Java or Yogyakarta from brongkos? Perhaps you'll also love the Cork Pucung, Betawi specialties that are increasingly rare. The third type of the cuisine has one equation, i.e. using the same http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/  seed kluwak in bumbunya region.

Seed kluwak or this will produce pucung piquant black thick which characterizes the cuisine's third. Offered from the culinary News, Monday (13/10/2014), Cork Pucung is somewhat different because it uses the main ingredient fish Cork (commonly referred to as Java iwak curse), rather than the beef as in the rawon or brongkos.

Cooking is diligence it takes Pucung Cork. Some stages must be traversed, from cleaning and chopping the fish Cork, half-cooked, preparing Chinese seas resep risoles  onings, to cooking. Everything has to be done carefully to produce the best cuisine flavors. The fish is usually fried Cork earlier in order not easily crumble when cooked in the gravy pucung. http://polikokim.soup.io

Spices used include onion, garlic, nutmeg, Cayenne, ginger, turmeric, and bay leaf. The seasoning then stir fried in a frying until aromatic. Do not forget, that had been destroyed kluwak added and extracted the contents. Saute seasoning then put in a pot of water to boil and boiled into stew pucung.

The final step is to enter the Cork has been fried the fish into the sauce and cook until seasoning pucung percolating. Gourmet savoury Pucung Cork with a distinctive scent. The broth is black exotic impression. This dish is best eaten when still warm with assorted vegetables such as cucumber, pete, or string beans. When you love spicy, Cork Pucung also suitable when consumed with shrimp paste chilli sauce or sambal goreng.

The shifting tastes of the community and the rapid growth of modern culinary industry in the capital also weakens the existence of traditional food, including the Cork Pucung. For reasons of practicality, now people would prefer dine in warteg or fast-food restaurant. The youth was more familiar with foreign food, either due to luxuries or reason it tastes.
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