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September 19 2014


Nih facts Treat the wrong Hair

You need to know that there are some common mistakes in caring for the hair that we often do and without we realize some mistakes that we don't realize that can damage the health of your hair, and it can make your hair dry fast and easy loss.

Therefore, for those of you who want to keep the hair to keep it healthy and well maintained naturally, you can see some kesahatan how to care for your hair and youcan also see some errors that we often do when taking care of hair that we have, andunwittingly the error we often do every day so that it will threaten the health of your hair.

Common mistakes in caring for your hair can be felt when you comb your hairincorrectly. Combing the hair properly is to spruce up my hair style and spread thenatural oils your hair from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Combing hair that is too long will cause friction and will cause dryness on your hair. In addition, the error often done accidentally was wearing at the time of shampoos, bath.

You need to know, using enough shampoo once in 2-3 days, because if you useshampoo every day, then the natural luster of your hair will be reduced.

Common mistakes often committed by women is the hair, combing hair was wet at the time. You need to know, wet hair is hair that is fragile and will be easy to fall out if there is such a hair comb on wet hair condition are saar. So, you should comb your hair when the hair is already dry, and do not do hair comb hair was wet at the time.

In addition, drying wet hair using hair dryers (hairdryer) is also one of the bad habitsthat are often done by women and also women. So to keep the hair to keep it healthy,you should avoid common mistakes in caring for your hair and fix your bad habits to keep the hair stay healthy naturally.
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